It was originally supposed to be a trip to Zambia that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle took together, but it now seems, according to an insider, that Harry will be taking that trip alone.

Harry and the Duchess of Sussex were supposed to make a two-day Africa tour, but Harry will reportedly be going on that tour solo because Meghan has concerns over the Zika virus. “As far as those on the ground in Zambia were concerned both Meghan and Harry were going,” an insider explains to The Sun. “But Meghan is exhausted and, understandably, expressed serious concerns about traveling to a country with even the smallest Zika threat.”

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The insider also adds that a tired Meghan, who is pregnant, will instead spend some time with her mom Doria and watch The Princess Diaries on a loop. Okay, so I just added the latter in but it’s a scenario that I can see. Or at least it’s a scenario I hope happens.

“In the end it was agreed Harry would go it alone and Meghan could rest-up and spend some quality time with Doria, who is down in the UK visiting,” the insider explains. If Harry, who will represent the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, does end up going to Africa on his own he is expected to attend a reception to celebrate UK-Zambia relations. The 34-year-old will also take some time to visit Burma Barracks in the capital Lusaka to commemorate World War One and Two vets from the country.

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And for all of those that are not familiar with Zika, it is a virus that is usually spread by mosquitoes, and can cause serious birth defects if a pregnant woman happens to get it. So you can’t really blame Meghan if she decides to hang back home and scroll Netflix’s menu.

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