Now that she’s just weeks away from officially joining the royal family, Meghan Markle is reportedly busy studying up on England’s monarchy and the British empire’s Commonwealth nations. According to a new report, the 36-year-old actress has been poring over “binders” of information ever since she became engaged to Prince Harry in November 2017.

“She’s studying up. She’s a quick learner,” a source recently told Enterainment Tonight. As for the wedding plans, Meghan has allegedly been very involved with the planning while her fiancé, Harry, 33, has taken a back seat. “Meghan is totally hands on. Harry is letting her lead the way,” the insider revealed.

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Thankfully, Meghan’s best friend and former stylist, Jessica Mulroney, has reportedly been helping out quite a lot with the royal wedding plans. “Jessica is Meghan’s right hand. She is her closest confidante and is with Meghan on every step of the wedding process, from picking out the wedding dress to the look and feel of the wedding. The vision for the wedding will really be Meghan’s and Jessica’s,” the insider shared.

Another recent report stated that Harry “desperately wanted to get married” before he met Meghan through a mutual friend in summer 2016. “He desperately wanted to get married and be happy. He sees his brother [Prince William] has found that. The fact that Meghan arrived when she did completes it for Harry,” author Duncan Larcombe wrote in his new royal biography, Prince Harry: The Inside Story.

“All of his best friends have settled and had children, so he’s had fewer people to go out and play with. He realized he was getting a bit older and that it was time to settle down a little bit. He’s found a great match in Meghan,” a palace source similarly told People in another interview. We can’t wait for Harry and Meghan to tie the knot next month on May 19!

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