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5 Photos That Prove Meghan Markle and Pippa Middleton Could Be Royal Style Twins

Have you ever noticed that Meghan Markle and Pippa Middleton look alike? Okay, maybe not exactly alike, but we'd be lying if we said looking at Prince Harry's fiancé and Kate Middleton's little sisster together doesn't make us do a double-take.

After all, Meghan and Pippa are both stunningly gorgeous ladies with shiny, flowing brown hair and enviable, toned legs. Not to mention they both share an impeccable style that shows off their natural beauty — in a jaw-dropping yet classy way. Why else would Meghan's engagement coat sell out in a matter of hours? There's no question that one of these women on their own will turn many heads, but we think putting the two together would probably stop traffic! (Maybe we'll have to wait for Meghan's upcoming royal wedding to see for sure, though.)

Do you think Meghan Markle and Pippa Middleton look alike?

If you do, you're in good company! Shortly after Meghan and Harry were first rumored to be dating, headlines compared her good looks to Pippa's. From their sculpted facial features to their strikingly similar wardrobe, people couldn't help but comment on the resemblance. And judging by the fact that Meghan will soon be walking down the aisle to wed her real-life Prince Charming, we're sure that all eyes will be on her fabulous outfits — and all talk will be about who it reminds us of, without a doubt.

It's too bad we haven't gotten the chance to see a photo of the two actually standing right next to each other yet, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate on what that might look like. So we put some of the most beautiful photos of Meghan and Pippa side-by-side. And let's just say, we hope they don't dress too alike when they finally do take a picture together — otherwise, some people might get a little confused!

Scroll down to see pics of Meghan and Pippa looking like royal style twins!

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This post originally appeared on our sister site, First for Women.