If you happened to be at King’s College in London on Wednesday you may have ran into the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle. And that’s because Meghan made quite the surprise appearance at the college. Oh, and she went solo because Prince Harry was not there.

Meghan wasn’t only there to make her presence known, she actually spoke with a group of students and leaders at the college as part of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in order to discuss the importance and impact of higher education. And sure, those students won’t listen to their folks when they tell them education is important, but you better believe they will listen to someone from the royal family.

The ACU also tweeted about Meghan’s cameo, saying, “Today we brought together university leaders, academics & #students to discuss how we can build a better world through #highered. We were honored to be joined by HRH The Duchess of Sussex.” Laura Hammond, a professor of development studies at SOAS University London, also had this to say: “Thanks @The_ACU for bringing us together! We had an excellent discussion about how research can tackle the problems of slavery and human trafficking. Thanks to HRH Duchess of Sussex for joining us!”

And this isn’t the first time that Meghan has popped up out of nowhere because recently a source revealed that Meghan actually stopped by Michelle Obama’s book tour and had a chat with her backstage. “Meghan attended privately,” the source said. The former first lady even revealed how much she and Barack are all about the royal family. “Barack is so incredibly fond of Her Majesty,” Michelle said. “I won’t go into his fangirling, but I think it’s because she reminds him of his grandmother.”

This is definitely the type of positive news that Meghan needs as a lot of negative stories have been coming out left and right about her, mainly about how she’s a terror for staff to look after. In fact, a report revealed that Kate Middleton herself had to tell Meghan to knock it off. But let’s switch gears back to positivity: Meghan stopped by a college to remind students how important education is and how unimportant it is to waste time on the show Suits. The latter is just something we’re assuming she also mentioned.

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