When Stephanie Murray walks down the street or serves customers, 
it’s not uncommon for people to stare, ask for a photo or even beg for her autograph! The 28-year-old is the spitting image of Meghan Markle — the most watched woman in the world, who’ll join the British royal family next week when she marries Prince Harry —and Stephanie is certainly feeling the Meghan hysteria in the lead-up to the wedding of the century.

“I’ve been approached in the street, at restaurants, the gym, even at the grocery store,” the Aussie retail manager told Australia’s Woman’s Day in a new interview.”The comments have become a lot more frequent.”

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Stephanie says comparisons between her and the US actress started in 2011, when Meghan joined the hit drama series Suits. Despite not seeing the resemblance as much as others do, Stephanie admitted she’s flattered by all the comparisons, especially as she’s a big fan 
of the British royals.

And now that her celebrity lookalike has found “The One,” Stephanie has started thinking about what she wants in her own Prince Charming. And Meghan’s royal fiance certainly fits the bill! “Harry seems witty, funny, cheeky, charming, handsome and gentlemanly,” Stephanie says.”I’m certainly looking for those qualities in a man, too.”

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This post originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.