Life keeps getting sweeter for Martha Stewart, who got a delicious surprise when she turned 76 last summer. “I love birthday cakes,” she has said, and she was surprised with “not one but two oeufs à la neige treats on her special day. The bonus? The airy, meringue confections were served up by two equally-as-delicious treats. “Jude and Truman served them to my guests,” she beamed of her granddaughter, 7, and grandson, 6.

This year, Martha’s daughter Alexis, 52, and Jude and Truman — whom “Martha dotes on,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now — are expected to help the businesswoman celebrate her 77th birthday on Aug. 3 at her 152-acre estate in Westchester County, NY. “Seventy is nothing like the 70 of 20 or 40 years ago. Your 70s are the new 50s,” Martha told New You of embracing her age and staying as active and productive as ever. “Not everyone wants to retire, and very few people want to slow down.”

“She’s really owning her power,” the insider said of how high Martha is setting the bar for herself. “She does only what she wants to do, and she feels that this past year has made her the most relevant she’s ever been.”

martha stewart's grandkids

Martha and her grandchildren.

As Martha proudly explained, “I have three shows: Martha Bakes and Martha’s Cooking School, both on PBS, and then Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” her surprise hit on VH1, which she co-hosts alongside rapper Snoop Dogg, 46.

The unusual pairing’s been a blessing for the buttoned-down hostess. “She’s genuinely thrilled a whole new generation is discovering her — and appreciating her,” the insider said. Besides, Snoop keeps her on her toes. “Work is fun,” Martha beamed. “And it’s a challenge. I’m a curious person and I am always learning.”

To meet the demands of her hectic schedule, Martha exercises with a trainer every day. “She loves being outdoors and she’s still extremely active. She gardens, she looks after the chickens on her property and she enjoys walking with her dogs,” the insider said. “She even has a treadmill at her desk, and she makes calls while she’s on that! Martha’s a workhorse. She hustles every day!”

martha stewart and snoop dog

One of her recent passion projects has been her autobiography, which she hopes to have finished by the end of the year. “Most of the book centers on what she calls her reconstruction period, starting from her 2004 conviction for lying to investigators [and five-month prison sentence] to how she rebuilt herself and her brand,” a source told Closer. “She wants to focus on how she reclaimed her life to the point where she’s as happy as she’s ever been.”

With age, it seems, comes wisdom, and Martha hopes to share some of the lessons she learned along the way. “She’s careful of who she trusts now and she’s selective about who she’s around, both personally and professionally,” the insider revealed. “She’s not as arrogant as she was 20 years ago, either. She’s more calm and centered, and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.”

martha stewart
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Instead, she just enjoys every day, especially if that means time with Jude and Truman. “They both cook,” she has said. “He’s a great chopper and she’s a tiny Martha. She also likes the ballet, so I love taking her there.”

Martha herself seems to be kicking up her heels as she gets ready to tackle life at 77 — and beyond! “There’s so much to do, so many things to accomplish, and so much to look forward to,” she said in her book. “And I intend to stick around for a long time!”

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