Juggling a crazy Hollywood career and trying to keep your marriage afloat all while raising three young kids may sound a bit much for the average person, but Mario Lopez couldn’t be happier in that reality. The entertainment news correspondent recently opened up about how his life has changed since he and wife Courtney Laine Mazza welcomed baby No. 3.

“I feel good you know. I like all the chaos,” the 45-year-old — who became a father of three after son Santino Rafael Lopez arrived on July 8 — exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly while recently teaming up with Office Depot for back to school shopping with his kids.

Courtesy: Office Depot

Mario — who is also the dad of Gia Lopez, 8, and Dominic Lopez, 5, with Courtney — dished that his older kids can’t stop loving on their younger sibling. “The other kids are obsessed with him and I make sure I do stuff with them as well. I took my son to see the [Los Angeles Football Club] soccer game this weekend. I took my daughter to the Dora [and the Lost City of Gold] premiere yesterday so you know that’s important.”

The Access Hollywood host added that although his son is still “very [much] newborn,” he’s already looking forward to the day when he’s old enough to run around with his older siblings. “I can’t wait to continue to do stuff with all of them, with the little guy,” he explained. “We feel very blessed, and he’s healthy and a beautiful little boy, Santino.”

Despite only being a few weeks old, Mario said he can already see Santino reaching some minor milestones. “I was just with him right now. He was awake which is rare because you know, they’re just sleeping a lot, and eating a lot,” he said. “He’s getting chubs.” Aww!

The Saved by the Bell alum even dished who he thinks Santino takes after the most. “Pretty good little combo of both my wife and [me], I think. I don’t know, it’s a pretty good combo of both,” he told Closer. “They’re both pretty outgoing and pretty vocal and love to do a bunch of stuff, and strong personalities. [They’re] definitely my kids.”

We wish Mario and his family all the best!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper