Hours before she was found dead in 1962, Marilyn Monroe placed a shocking final phone call that involved a devious plot to take down the President of the United States, a new podcast reveals.

“The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” podcast releases chilling details each week of the late actress’s tumultuous affairs with some of the country’s most powerful men. But in episode eight, featured above, Marilyn’s dark plot to ruin the reputations of President John F. Kennedy and his Attorney General brother, Bobby Kennedy, were exposed.

According to experts, Marilyn’s was furious that the two political brothers ended their affairs with her in an effort to maintain their public images. In order to get her revenge, she phoned up President Kennedy’s relative, Peter Lawford, to deliver a sinister message.


“She was planning to hold a conference the next Monday and reveal what the Kennedys had done to her,” biographer Lois Banner revealed.

Biographer Danforth Prince added that Marilyn’s message was voiced with fury and deceit. She planned to take down the brothers by possibly exposing their affairs with her in a very public way.

“You tell him that if he doesn’t fly down to see me and talk things over, he’ll hear from me at my press conference Monday morning,” Danforth claimed Marilyn told Peter. “It’ll make headlines around the world, although not of the kind that would Jack’s bid for re-election.”

Marilyn told Peter that if Bobby did not come to her home to meet with her in person on August 4, 1962 by 6 p.m., that both men should “tune in” to her planned announcement days later.

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“You might also call Jack at the White House,” she threatened, according to Danforth. “I know he has a busy schedule, but he’ll have time to watch me. I plan to look dazzling!”

As fans know, the final year of Marilyn’s life featured incredible lows for the Hollywood icon. In addition to being drugged and sexually assaulted one week prior to her death, she was also taken to a mental institution against her will, the podcast previously revealed.

Hollywood historian Bill Birnes explained in episode eight that Peter was the man the Kennedys asked to control Monroe.

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“They say to Peter Lawford, ‘Look, you’ve gotta watch her. She’s outta control. She’s gonna blab state secrets,’” Bill claimed.

Marilyn’s death on August 5, 1962 remains controversial. While her death was ruled a “possible suicide” by the Los Angeles Medical Examiner at the time, others believe she was murdered.

From the creators of Natalie Wood podcast “Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie,” “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” podcast drops a new episode every week. For more eerie details of the icon’s death, listen to episode eight by downloading and streaming everywhere podcasts are available.