Marilu Henner and the surviving cast of Taxi recently reunited for an episode of The View — but it wasn’t the only time they’ve seen each other. “We’ve done 19 Zooms together since the pandemic,” Marilu tells Closer. She and former costars Judd Hirsch, Danny DeVito, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd and Carol Kane “are so close it’s crazy,” she says. “I text with them every day.”

At least a few of the Taxi alum will likely appear in the audience of Madwomen of the West, the new play Marilu is starring in off-Broadway. The comedy also stars The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel alum Caroline Aaron and tells the story of a reunion of college friends. “The fourth one, who became an actress and wellness guru, hasn’t seen them for a long time,” Marilu says. “That’s my part. I’m kind of like the Cat in the Hat — I stir up trouble!”

Marilu, 71, and her husband, Michael, call L.A. home, but she always welcomes an opportunity to come to New York, where she began her pre-Taxi, Broadway career. “This is my city,” says Marilu, who loves the energy and chance meetings that tend to happen. “My son and my sister live here. A lot of my family will be coming out for Christmas,” she says.

The opportunity to walk everywhere in New York is always welcome. “I love walking and I love Pilates. You have to move every single day,” says the actress, who credits exercise and a diet free of meat, dairy and gluten for her vibrant spark.

Mental flexibility has also allowed her to find a place of peace and productivity. “The key to your life is how well you deal with Plan B,” Marilu notes. “Plan A is what you dream about, but Plan B is what happens. You have to make the adjustment, move on, and embrace it.”