There’s no bad blood here! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly Billions star Malin Akerman opened up about working with the best in showbiz, including Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Katherine Heigl on movies The Proposal and 27 Dresses — and even shared if she is in touch with any of the A-listers today.

“[The Proposal] was a long time ago. [Sandra and Ryan] were lovely and fun. I didn’t have that many scenes with them. I think I only worked a couple of days on that film,” the mother-of-one shared. “I think it was probably eight years ago now, but I do remember just having a great time. They’re both really fun and funny people, and we did have a lot of laughs but unfortunately, I didn’t get that much time with them. It was only a few days of work.”

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We also had to ask what her relationship was like today with the Grey’s Anatomy alum. “It’s one of those that was so long ago and people get so busy. It is such crazy life, where you’re traveling a lot and every now and then you bump into people that you’ve worked with and it’s so nice to see them,” Malin shared. “I saw her a few years back and it’s always nice to see a co-star but we haven’t been able to keep in touch, really — and you wind up having your own group of close friends you hang with for the most part and the rest is just nice acquaintances along the way.”

Closer Weekly caught up with Malin as she teamed up with Ferrero to announce he brand’s snack, Kinder Joy, would be coming over to the US. “The Kinder brand has been part of my life since I was a little girl. I had my first Kinder treat when I was probably five or six,” she stated. “My grandfather gave it to me and it was one of those magical moments where you get a toy and a treat all in one — you kind of can’t believe that this is happening. When they approached me about a partnership, I was very excited because they just launched this in the US and I get to introduce my son to it, which is exciting for me, and I also get to eat these all day long!”

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