Now that’s one way to do it! During an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Billions star Malin Akerman opened up about how she stays in such amazing shape — and it turns out, her four-year-old son, Sebastian, is a contributing factor.

When asked to share tips about how she maintains her incredible figure, Malin joked, “Have a kid and run after them! [My son] has lots of energy, which is amazing, but in all honesty I definitely try to eat really healthy and take care of myself so I do have the energy to run around with my son, as well as getting time in at the gym whenever I can — and especially now while he’s at school during the week, I try to get there about three times a week. Anything from pilates to strength training and it really, truly is striking that balance we all try to figure out in life.”

You can also easily obtain the blonde beauty’s glowing skin by following her “simple” skincare regimen. “Recently, I’m trying to use skincare that’s organic and doesn’t have too many chemicals in it. I always love to go to Dr. Hauschka, which you find in most of your health food stores — I just feel like the less chemicals, the skin is the biggest organ on your body so as long as you’re feeding that properly as well,” Malin explained. “There are so many fillers nowadays so I try to keep it as organic and fresh as possible. Obviously, we wear a lot of makeup when we’re on set and getting a good cleanser for dry skin, Dr. Hauschka has one, and a toner, and a moisturizer — try to keep it as simple as possible.”

Closer Weekly caught up with the 27 Dresses actress as she partnered up with Ferrero to announce the brand’s snack, Kinder Joy, would be coming over to the US. “The Kinder brand has been part of my life since I was a little girl. I had my first Kinder treat when I was probably five or six,” she stated. “My grandfather gave it to me and it was one of those magical moments where you get a toy and a treat all in one — you kind of can’t believe that this is happening. When they approached me about a partnership, I was very excited because they just launched this in the US and I get to introduce my son to it, which is exciting for me, and I also get to eat these all day long!”

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