Liza Minnelli’s 78th birthday party will be an extravagant affair! The Cabaret actress gave a rare update on her life on her milestone birthday on Tuesday, March 12.

“A party is being thrown in my honor by dear friends [pianist] Michael Feinstein and Terrence Flannery,” she told People of the celebration. “There will be food, fabulous music and I am told to expect a wonderful surprise and my only clue is Elsa Peretti!”

Her career has spanned more than six decades, and Liza is not planning on slowing down any time soon.

“I am so grateful for all the good wishes and all the love that comes my way. Not only on my birthday, but always,” she told the outlet. “I wish I knew how to act my age. But kids guess what, I have never been this damn old! Just keep going baby, that’s the secret!”

The Academy Award winner revealed that she is “recording music again” as well as “developing multiple projects based on the intellectual property of [her] father, tentatively titled: Dreams My Papa Gave Me.”

In March 2022, Liza appeared at the Oscars to present the award for Best Picture with Lady Gaga. “See that? The public, they love you,” the House of Gucci star told Liza, who sat in a wheelchair on stage. The appearance came just as the legendary performer celebrated the 50th anniversary of Cabaret, the Bob Fosse-directed musical that changed her life.

“It’s like no other film. He was an original. And because we were away, the studio would send notes like, ‘Too much smoke. It’ll break up in drive-ins,’” Liza recalled during a January 2013 interview with HuffPost. “In front of us, Fosse would tear up the telegram and just throw it over his shoulder and we went on. I had asked Fosse if he had seen a movie called The Damned, which is also about that era, and he saw it and I think it gave him some good ideas because it was very dark.”

Liza Minnelli life update
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Most recently, the entertainer appeared in Arrested Development from 2003 to 2013. She’s also made appearances in Smash, Sex and the City 2, Drop Dead Diva and more. Liza, who is the daughter of Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, has always remembered the advice her mom gave her throughout her Hollywood career.

“I remember Mama saying, ‘Now don’t get upset because of the way they may compare you to me because you’re an entertainer too.’ I said, ‘Oh, I won’t,’” she told Variety in February 2020. “And then she reads something where they compared me to her. She said, ‘How dare they? You’re your own woman. Dammit! Can’t they see?’ And she’d throw it down in the trash.”