‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ Declassified: Lee Majors Remembers the Good, the Bad and the Bionic (Exclusive)

Col. Steve Austin, astronaut, survived the catastrophic crash of a test vehicle and even went up against Bigfoot without breaking a sweat — but now, at this moment in time, he actually looks nervous. It’s not a nervousness born out of another mission that, given his bionically-enhanced arm, legs and eye, only he can pull off to save the world from destruction. These are the nerves of the actor who played him, Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Man himself, who is getting ready to make his comic convention debut.

“I’ve never done one before,” he admits, not long before making said appearance at the the Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con in New York. “I just hope they all like me … I don’t want the crazies.”

He lets out a short laugh, but isn’t entirely convincing; however, he does get a bit more enthusiastic when he realizes that these conventions have been big business for actors: “I know William Shatner‘s been going to these things and making a fortune out of them. I went to this place that was printing up photos of me and they were doing the same thing for, like, 40 Star Trek actors who were going to be at a different convention. Half of them I’ve never heard of, you know? I didn’t even know that there were that many actors and actresses that appeared on those shows but people — the fans — come out to see them all the time. It’s just amazing.”

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