If anyone needs some pregnancy diet inspo, Kym Johnson is your girl! Robert Herjavec’s wife is pregnant with twins, and being that she’s a professional dancer, maintaining a clean diet and healthy pregnancy diet while she’s expecting is very important to her.

“Pregnancy is such a special time for mothers-to-be but it can also be difficult if you don’t know what to expect,” the Dancing With the Stars pro wrote on her blog The Bod by Kym Herjavec. “The number one question I’ve gotten is what to do if you crave something unhealthy. My answer to that is simple: just indulge yourself.”

“Don’t feel guilty or be too hard on yourself about your cravings. Balance out your cravings with healthy food,” she confessed. “Try to stay away from processed food and meat or food your doctor has advised you not to eat.”

But Kym admits she craves things like chocolate crossiants and McDonalds fries, but she goes for the healthier alternative when possible! “For example, if I wanted a chocolate croissant, I’d have a piece of toast with some Nutella on it. If I wanted fries, I’d just make some sweet potato fries at home instead,” she shared. “Robert even bought me an air fryer (the best thing he ever did!) and now I can make guilt-free fries at home!” Her diet consists of other healthy foods as well like toast with vegemite, salmon, salad, eggs, and more.

Since Kym has always been so active, she even has workout tips for the pregnant woman! “I do easy workouts when I can. I don’t do any movements which require jumping or strenuous cardio, like running. Normally, I’ll do some light dance cardio 2x/week and prenatal Pilates 2x/week. I love doing Pilates because it really strengthens my legs without putting pressure on my tummy. I also do some upper body strength movements, since I don’t want my muscle to turn to flab,” she shared. “Mostly, I try to take it easy when I’m working out. Every pregnancy is different so it’s really important to listen to your body. Don’t start a new, strenuous workout regime if you’re pregnant – stick to what you know. Do what you can and most of all, listen to your doctor!” We’ll take notes from our doctor Kym — and you, too!