All hail Kathie Lee Gifford! After the NBC co-host shared her morning routine with the world, we can officially say that she's one fierce boss lady. So fierce, in fact, that she doesn't use an alarm clock to wake up! Considering most people sleep with their iPhone tucked below a pillow to wake them up, Kathie is surely an outlier.

Speaking on Today, the 64-year-old revealed that her days begin at 2 a.m.! She added, “I don’t even have an alarm. I’ve been doing it for… since the 1800s before there were alarm clocks!” Co-host Sheinelle Jones was completely dumbfound — as are we — and pressed Kathie, asking if she's ever worried about oversleeping.

“No, never," Kathie responded. Wow, that's impressive! To be fair, the co-host admitted that she's rarely one to just sit around, “Then I lay there and pray for sinners like you, Sheinelle,” KLG joked. “I pray. I strategize. I think. I linger.” It's banter like that that makes her such a pleasure to watch.

Around 4 a.m. each morning, Kathie takes her dogs out for a walk and then she's off to live her best life! We imagine rising that early every day would take a toll on the average person, but, nope! Not Kathie — after co-hosting Live with Regis and Kathie Lee for 12 years, routine is clearly one of her strong suits.

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