Katherine Kelly Lang‘s latest workout video is truly impressive! The Bold and the Beautiful actress showed off her intense fitness regimen in a new clip, and fans can’t stop talking about it.

In the recent video shared by actress Ashley Aubra Jones, Katherine was seen using an array of equipment and lifting weights in the gym. The soap opera icon worked with a trainer during the workout sessions. At one point, she proved to have incredible core strength as she held onto bars while swinging her legs.

“This week, allow yourself to get uncomfortable,” Ashley, 47, captioned the Instagram video with her costar. “All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone. We want something different tomorrow, we put in the work today. Happy Monday, friend. #mondaymotivation #fitnessfriday #ashleysfitnessfriday #boldandbeautiful.”

The comments section was full of love and praise for their commitment to their training session.

“Katherine still looks the same as 1992! I started Bold and the Beautiful from the beginning last year from 1987 and I’m currently on 1992,” one person commented on the post. “I cannot wait to get to your debut as Bridget!”

“Today is my 50th birthday! Age is just a number and we are responsible for the choices we make ! I love this post so inspiring and beautiful,” another person penned, while another shared, “Love it!!! And yes growth happens outside of our comfort zone, absolutely right !!! And accountability partners are everything!!!”

The workout video came nearly two years after Katherine, 62, suffered a serious foot injury while horseback riding. The incident occurred while she was training for a 50-mile horse race.

“I got off my horse to walk down a steep and very rocky trail to give her a break,” she explained to her followers in an Instagram caption in May 2022. “At the bottom of the trail, I tripped on a rock and my left foot took the pounding. My ankle and foot dislocated off to the left at a 90-degree angle to my leg. I pushed it back into place. It was so gross but I had to do it.”

Katherine Kelly Lang working out
Courtesy of Katherine Kelly Lang/Instagram

Luckily, a stranger called an ambulance and Katherine was brought to the hospital, where she was told she had three broken bones in her ankle.

“Had surgery late that night and now have rods, pins, and screws in my ankle,” she added. “No weight bearing on my foot for six weeks. I will still go to work later this week and try to heal quick so I can do all the things I love to do. I am still in the hospital today and trying to have a smile on my face. I am not a happy camper when things slow me down like this. And there is always a lesson to learn. Not sure what that lesson is yet but will have the time to contemplate.”

She has since made a full recovery and has returned to endurance horse racing.

“It’s fun to just be out there in nature alone with you and your horse,” she told People in an interview on Tuesday, March 12, about getting back into the swing of things.