Well, this changes everything! Kate Middleton is known as a modern fashion icon around the world and many people have praised the 35-year-old royal for (gasp!) often repeating her chic ensembles. But, according to a new report, Kate may not actually recycle her outfits — she buys duplicates of her favorite clothing items!

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When Kate and her husband, Prince William, recently embarked on a royal tour in Belgium, the mom-of-two was spotted re-wearing a favorite pair of blush-colored, suede Rupert Sanderson pumps. But one eagle-eyed fan was quick to point out that the Duchess’ shoes — which she has worn during several past public outings — seemed to look especially spotless. So, the Daily Mail investigated Kate’s impeccably recycled shoes and uncovered that she most likely buys multiples of the same clothing item to ensure the pieces always look perfect when she “re-wears” them.

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Kate wearing a recycled outfit. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“Suede shoes are hard to maintain so if it’s easier to keep many pairs on standby, who wouldn’t?” Stylist Rochelle White told the entertainment news outlet on Friday, Aug 4. “Kate likes to have a clean, sleek image at all times. Can you image if she stepped out on a royal engagement with scruffy shoes? She’s likely to have back up shoes — all the same style — in various quantities.”

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“Kate has a strong signature style and knows what she likes. It wouldn’t surprise me if she also gets a few of the same outfit made and has them ready to go, even if it is the same style,” White continued. Um, is anyone else feeling like their mind is totally blown by the Duchess not actually recycling her outfits?!

“I think when Kate finds an outfit that looks good, feels good, and is comfortable, she would like to have it to wear again without the worry of trying to get it clean and looking like new,” White added. “It might be easier for her to have her favorites in duplicates so that they are always looking fresh.” Welp, it seems like Kate may not be as thrifty of a princess as we thought!

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