On April 23, Kate Middleton made headlines for more reasons than just giving birth. Just moments after the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed her little boy, Prince Louis, into the world, she stepped out on the steps of the Lindo Wing looking better than ever! And now, many fans want to know how the 36-year-old is shedding any post-baby weight she may have.

People spoke with Kate’s alleged former trainer Louise Parker (it’s been rumored that she worked with Kate after she welcomed Prince George in 2013, but she won’t comment), shared some tips for new moms about how to lose the pounds after giving birth.

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“It’s about taking good care of yourself — living well,” Parker told the news outlet at her South Kensington clinic. “Exercise is important, but there’s no need for long, high-intensity workouts.”

Parker also noticed how difficult it is for people in the spotlight, especially Kate, who’s busy being, you know, a princess and mom-of-three. “It’s not easy for people in the public eye,” she shared. “Yes, they have the resources, the best support network, nutritionists, personal trainers and teams like us behind them, but ultimately they have still got to do the work, turn that switch on and get it done.”

She added, “Finding that time is tough, but if you can aim to a little something every day, chances are that means you might work out four times a week and that’s wonderful. Consistency over severity is always better.”

While we’d like to think Kate somehow finds the time to sneak in a pilates class or two a week on top of all her responsibilities, sometimes she may be forced to break her healthy routine for special outings, like say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19.

“If there is a big event, we don’t call it a cheat or naughty day, it’s just a glass of wine,” Parker said. “People obsess about numbers, how many pounds to lose but I say to my clients, ‘Just make sure you have done the best you can.’ Even if it’s only that you had a bath and a nice walk, everything you do has an accumulative effect.”

We think Kate looks amazing no matter what — and we can’t wait to see how fabulous she’ll look on Saturday!

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