Go Prince Louis, go! During an event at the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre on Tuesday, March 12, the little royal’s mom, Kate Middleton, adorably revealed that her 10-month-old baby likes to use his “little walker” to get around Kensington Palace. So cute!

“Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time,” Kate gushed to some parents while playing around with their kids. “He has got these little walkers and is bombing around in them.” Kriti, a mom at the event, told reporters that the 37-year-old royal noticed how similar her 9-month-old son Kameron was to Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton
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“She took one look at Kameron and said, ‘Oh, he wants to go walkies.’ Apparently, her son is cruising, and she said she was running after him all the time,” Kriti added. Kate also played with twins Kamina and Kashay, 17 months, and got to hear from their mom, Finesse, about what it’s like to raise two babies at the same time.

“I told her, ‘double the trouble’ and she laughed,” Finesse joked, and added that the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre has helped her out a lot. “I told her that I felt very isolated, and how much it had supported me,” she explained. “It enabled me to meet other mums and twins, which has been incredibly helpful. In fact, I feel like I have got triplets given that I have a two-year-old as well. They are really little divas in the making!”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the Henry Fawcett Children's Centre
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The best part about Kate’s outing was that she got to speak to different kinds of parents who raise their kids in different ways. “She was just lovely, really down to earth. I never thought she would come down and sit with us, but she did,” Finesse gushed about the royal. “She just wanted to chat about what it was like to be a mum. She said that we all had our ups and downs as parents, regardless of who we are.”