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Justin Chambers on a Meredith and Alex ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Romance: “Anything Is Possible!”

So exciting!

In a candid new interview, Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers opened up about his character, Alex, potentially romancing the show’s protagonist, Meredith — and revealed, “anything is possible!”

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“I think friends can become lovers like that, that’s possible too,” the 46-year-old actor recently told [Entertainment Tonight](

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Ellen as Meredith (left) and Justin as Alex (right) on Grey’s. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“I’m very comfortable with them being platonic — like brother and sister, and friends. I think that suits them better,” Justin continued. “But hey, who knows? Nobody knows how things go, you know? I was friends with my wife before we started dating.”

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“They have been friends a long time, though. Alex and [Meredith] have come up together and I don’t know, [it’d be] a little weird, but anything is possible,” he added.

Ellen Pompeo — who portrays main character Meredith on Grey’s Anatomysimilarly opened up about a “Merlex” relationship in a recent interview. “Justin is one of my favorite people on the planet,” the 47-year-old actress said.

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Ellen and Justin on Grey’s.

“We’re really close, and it does feel weird. To potentially maybe have him as a love interest would be like kissing my brother. I used to say that about Patrick Dempsey all the time too because just we’d been [working] together for so long,” Ellen continued.

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“The love interest part is not my favorite piece of this, I’ll be honest,” she added. “Kissing guys that aren’t your husband is, you know, a little weird. I guess it wouldn’t be if you didn’t like your husband, but I happen to be very, very fond of mine.”

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