It’s been nearly three months since Julie Chen announced her departure from The Talk after sexual misconduct allegations against her husband, CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves, came to light. And now a source close to Julie has exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that the 48-year-old TV star is at a “crossroads in her personal life and her career.”

“Julie is ready to plow ahead by standing by her husband and also by hosting the next season of Big Brother on CBS. She’s been very clear, saying her husband Les’ scandal is not hers. She’s in a very tricky position,” the insider shared. “Some of Julie’s friends are telling her to leave [Big Brother], to cut her losses before the network ends up cutting her, which is definitely being whispered about as a real possibility.” The source also noted that CBS “would never have” renewed Julie’s Big Brother contract for another year if they’d known the allegations against Les were coming.

Julie Chen Les Moonves
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Despite leaving The Talk, Julie ultimately chose to continue hosting Big Brother on CBS — a decision that the star’s advisors didn’t think was a good idea. “Her advisors have told Julie that she shouldn’t continue working for the network that her husband helped build and that he’s still battling. But Julie is stubborn and she’s determined to prove a point — that her good name, the Chen and the Moonves name, is not going away,” the source explained to Closer.

Interestingly, Julie is getting different advice from her close confidants and former co-hosts. “Meanwhile, some of her friends, like Sharon Osbourne, are telling her to fight back, to stand her ground at CBS, and to hold her head up high,” the insider added. “Julie is definitely at a crossroads in her personal life and her career. Julie wants to stand by her man but she doesn’t want to go down with the ship. It’s a tough balancing act.”

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