They not only played best friends on 13 Going on 30, but Judy Greer and Jennifer Garner are also quite close off set — and it shows!

Judy, 44, who recently debuted her new specialty drink, Judy’s Garden Gin, at Garden Grille & Bar located at Hilton Garden Inn properties nationwide, opened up and talked about her incredible friendship with the fellow actress, 47. “I really lucked out because it’s hard to stay friends with people that you work with and we now have known each other for so long,” the Jurassic World costar exclusively told Closer Weekly before revealed what exactly the pair do when they get together.

Judy Greer Jennifer Garner

“Mostly there’s either coffee consumption,” Judy joked. “We try to squeeze it in when we can. It’s hard and we live far apart and you know how it is, especially when everyone is busy with work but then kids and stuff. Usually we try to squeeze in — actually we’ve just been texting about, before I leave for Halloween, to squeeze in a coffee or tequila, I’ll be honest. But yeah it’s kind of like we take what we can get.”

“If I’m on her side of town I’m like ‘hey are you around?’ and then she’ll do the same thing,” Judy continued. “But it’s always great to be so busy and working so much but then it can be hard on a relationship.” Judy also spoke about just how her longtime pal has inspired her over the years.

“Well she writes back immediately if you text her, email her, DM her. She always responds right away,” Judy gushed. “She’s super, super, super, super funny so if I write something like ‘ugh can you believe this happened?’ she always has a really funny response and is always good at making you not take things too seriously. That’s always a bonus because it’s sometimes with any career to think it means everything and then it’s good to have someone to remind you ‘no, you know what, everything is awesome. Everyone’s healthy, everyone’s safe. These are things to be thankful about.’ So cute!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper