In some respects, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott never quite grew up. “When we were kids, we always had schemes going on,” Jonathan tells Closer. “Like, ‘This person doesn’t have a dog house: Let’s fix that!’ or, ‘Wait! We can do a bigger, better lemonade stand!'” 

Decades later, the HGTV stars, now 40, helm five shows on the network and are just as ambitious as ever, proven by their latest venture: their first kids’ book, Builder Brothers: Big Plans.

“Every single thing in it comes from our childhood,” Jonathan says of the picture book, which aims to stimulate the imaginations of readers under 10. Adds Drew, “There are so many fun little stories from our childhood that we’re looking forward to including in future books, too. We want them to have an underlying message that two heads are better than one; that solving problems together is always better than just trying to do it on your own.”

Drew applies that same logic to his family planning with his wife, Linda Phan, 33. The two wed in Italy in May and are eager to welcome a bundle (or two) of joy. “We definitely want kids,” Drew previously admitted to Us Weekly and adds to Closer, “and we’d love to have twins. Even though Jonathan and I were a handful because we were so high-energy, we were built-in best friends, and Linda and I love that idea.”

The couple say they’re in no rush, though, and considering the brothers’ workload that’s maybe for the best. Still, when they do have kids, “Drew will be the best dad in the world and Linda is going to be an amazing mom,” insists Jonathan, who adds that he’ll be “the coolest uncle because I’m a magician! I also have the same maturity level as most kids, too.”

His playful personality has many wondering why he, too, isn’t married and ready to start his own family. “Right now, I’m just focused on improving me, doing the things I enjoy, and third-wheeling it with Drew and Linda,” he admits, though others are eager to intervene. “My friends and my friends’ mothers always think they know someone perfect for me. But I don’t need to be set up and I do not do blind dates.” 

He’s also turned down The Bachelor three times, “because that would be my nightmare,” he says. “I’m just an old-fashioned kind of guy, so if you’ve got a good sense of humor and you like sushi and movies, well, we might just get along.”

For now, both brothers are content to focus on work and helping others. Drew says his honeymoon, for example, was an extended family affair in Ecuador for WE, “an organization that helps build communities and educate small towns. Jonathan and I try to give back to different causes we’re passionate about for everything we do.” 

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That explains why the Builder Brothers book tour launches with a big renovation project for the Boys & Girls Club in Harlem. As Drew says, “We’re on this Earth to give back.”

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