Love isn’t always easy, but one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples knows how to always make it work! In a recent interview with Closer Weekly, John Travolta admitted that he and his wife, Kelly Preston, are continuously updating their 25-year marriage in order to strengthen it. “We really care deeply about each other and we protect each other — and we keep [our relationship] up to date,” John, 63, told Closer.

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John and Kelly in September 2015.

Kelly, 55, wholeheartedly agreed. “Keep checking in and keep growing and changing,” she told Closer. “Keep doing things, just the two of you.” Some couples, John said, “don’t explore what the new needs are for each other. If you take a little bit of energy to take inventory of ‘What are you interested in lately?’ then you can keep it fresh.” The couple previously married in September 1991 and are parents to a daughter Ella, 17, and a son Benjamin, 6. They also had a son named Jett, but he sadly passed away in 2009.

An insider previously talked about how the family has handled Jett’s passing — from an unexpected seizure during a family vacation — and revealed that they stay strong, especially for their little boy Ben. “They bring him to everything they do,” a source told Closer. “They love keeping the family together.” And so it turns out, John is a bit of a pushover with the couple’s kids, according to Kelly! “Daddy says yes to everything. He is that dad,” she previously told People. “They come to me first. [Ben] comes to me and says, ‘Can I have ice cream?’ at midnight and I say, ‘No, no, you have to go to bed’ — and, mind you, it’s midnight and he’s six. And Dad’s like, ‘Sure! Do you want hot fudge on that?'” Too cute!

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