How cute?! John Stamos celebrated his first Father's Day on Sunday, June 17 by sharing the first-ever photo of his baby son Billy's face. And we must say, the two-month-old looks adorable by his dad's side in the new selfie.

"My first Father’s Day means that I don’t have to hand a kid back to the parents when someone yells cut. It means when people ask me if I'm a father, I don't have to use the goofy line, 'No, but I play one on TV,'" he wrote in the photo's caption. "My first Father’s Day means that from this day forward, I will start to look my age (and older) Most importantly, it means that for the rest of my life, I’ll always be known as someone’s dad. And that’s all I ever wanted. Happy Father’s day."

John previously shared his first Father's Day plans. "I know I’ll be crying a lot," he said. "I’ve been writing Billy a letter that I’m putting away for him to read when he’s 18. I’ll probably continue writing that, and I’ll certainly try to honor my father."

In a previous interview, John gushed about being a first-time dad. "Every second you pray that you can keep the kid alive. Every day is different, time has become very elusive, stuff just goes by so fast. It’s just beautiful. I’ve cried most days; I just stare at him," he told People in a recent interview. "I thought it was beyond me to have a kid and a great wife, but it’s given me a reason to live. Life is in session now."

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Perhaps that's why he and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, are already thinking about baby No. 2. Caitlin said in a previous interview that the two are hoping for more children "ASAP." She joked, "Right now, Billy is extremely spoiled and we need to share the love, he's gotta share some of those toys and all the things that have been given to him. He needs [siblings] to keep him grounded. If he's the only one, he'll get way too much love because there hasn't been a child on either side of our family in quite some time." We can't wait for the Stamos brood to grow!