He wants to be a dad! John Stamos, 54, got engaged to Caitlin McHugh last month, and while we bet he’s eager to see his lady walk down the aisle, he also can’t wait to have kids!

In a new candid interview, the Full House star opened up about his desire to have babies with his wife-to-be — and made the cutest confessions in the process! Watch the video below to see what he revealed!

John also previously joked about having kids back in 2015. “My ovaries are rattling,” he laughed. “Do men have ovaries? They’re jingling. I can hear them jingling now.”

Back when his show Grandfathered was canceled (and before his days with Caitlin), John admitted he’d want to become a father once he met the right woman. “I want to have a wife first, but I’m thinking really seriously about [the baby] situation right now. I think I really should be a dad at some point. I’ve gotta do something about this soon!” he said. “I think when I’ve been in real love, I’ve been my happiest and most complete, personally. And the baby fever kind of comes and goes. But it’s certainly at an even pitch right now because of the show.

However, in a previous interview, John admitted he got a girl pregnant while he was in his 20s. “[It] was just bad timing,” the star said of their decision to terminate the pregnancy. “It really wasn’t my choice… I think it was sort of a mutual decision.”

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John and Caitlin got engaged in Disneyland last month. Prior to Caitlin, John was married to actress Rebecca Romijn from 1998 until 2005 but the couple never had any children together. If one thing’s for sure — John and Caitlin will have some adorable babies one day!