He thought he had it figured out, but it turns out he was completely wrong! Soon-to-be dad John Stamos took to the Benjamin red carpet on Wednesday, April 4, and revealed that he was pretty sure he knew his baby’s gender, but when he and wife Caitlin McHugh found out, he was left shocked. “I thought it was going to be X and when it turned out to be Y, I was like, ‘What?!'” he adorably explained.

The couple, who are keeping their baby’s gender a secret for now, are in the homestretch of their pregnancy — while they haven’t confirmed Caitlin’s due date yet, the 31-year-old is likely in the early stages of her third trimester by now since they announced they were expecting in December 2017.

And with her baby bump bigger than ever, she’s relying on John to take care of her — and he’s happily obliging. “My wife is sort of resting a lot right now. It’s getting close. I wake up and I’m a servant to her basically,” he continued to Us Weekly. “She eats like a horse! She loves to eat but she’s so skinny too. She’s handling pregnancy in the most graceful way that I could’ve imagined. It’s just beautiful. It’s beautiful to watch. She just kind of floats through each day. She wakes up smiling. It’s just been so beautiful, all of it,” he gushed. So sweet!

John and Caitlin tied the knot on Feb. 3, and so far, married life has treated them well. The Fuller House actor has always said he wanted children, and he finally found the perfect person to have them with. “My whole life I’ve waited for this moment and the best part is I’m getting to parent with the most perfect woman. She’s just humble and sweet,” he continued. “I have to watch her because it takes her 30 seconds to win somebody over. She’s a really special person.”

john stamos and caitlin mchugh baby bump getty

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While they have a few more weeks to go before they welcome their first child together, Caitlin already has more babies on the brain. “She’s already talking about baby No. 2. We just sort of finished decorating the house, or designing the house. She’s already on the Internet looking at new homes that are bigger!”