Though his career has seen several bright spots over the years, John Stamos opened up about one of the most difficult periods of his life. In his upcoming memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, the Full House alum accused ex-girlfriend Teri Copley of cheating on him with Tony Danza in the ‘80s.

“She’s everything I’m looking for in a woman,” John, 60, reflected in an excerpt from the book. “She has an adorable daughter, Ashley, from a former relationship, and I love the idea of stepfatherhood. I’m starting to imagine our little family coming together. I’m dumbstruck and goofy in love. I could spend the rest of my life with her. Who knows if I’ll ever find love again? Why not take a chance?”

The Emmy nominee relived the moment that things came crashing down in his relationship with the actress. He decided to show up at Teri’s home after not hearing from her for a little while. John received no answer at the front door and walked around back to the guesthouse.

“The blinds are closed, but the door is slightly open,” he wrote. “I take a peek inside and see four feet protruding from the shabby-chic, floral-print duvet that once kept me warm.”

At first, John could not recognize who was in bed with Teri. For him, the entire experience of seeing her with someone else was “physically painful” and brought him to tears.

“Looking back, it’s like, probably, she wasn’t the right girl for me,” the You actor reflected. “So, seeing him, realizing it was him and stuff, it was hard. I mean, it was awful.”

Ultimately, John discovered that Tony, now 72, was the man in bed with Teri after finding a signed poster in a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster parked outside of the home.

“I stare at the two-dimensional, half-dressed woman that I thought I knew. She’s signed the poster, with little hearts, ‘My Dear Tony, I’ll love you forever. XO, Teri,'” he continued.

John Stamos wears black outfit while leaning against car
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After the cheating allegations came to light, Teri, 62, spoke out about their relationship. The We Got It Made alum attests that she and John were no longer together at the time of the incident.

“I wondered, ‘What was John doing there?’ because we had broken up,” Teri told People in an interview published on Monday, October 23. “He just looked at me, and shook his head, and walked away.”

Regardless of what happened, John credited Tony and his show Who’s the Boss? for helping make Full House so successful, as they aired back-to-back in the TV lineup.

“If you would have told me the day I walked into that room and caught my true love in bed with another guy that his show Who’s the Boss? would launch Full House into a bona fide hit, making me a household name,” John wrote. “Well, what can I say? Thanks, Tony Danza.”