Is there anybody more relatable than Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? Probably not! In a candid new interview with the blog The Receipt, the 39-year-old singer revealed that for the last two years he and his wife have ordered McDonald’s on Christmas.

“It’s a Chrissy tradition for sure,” John explained with a laugh before adding that this year will likely be different. “We’ve decided that Beef Wellington is our go-to Christmas main dish from now on,” he said.

Of course, the happy couple will need a few more dishes to complete their holiday meal, so John explained that Chrissy, 32, is already looking to buy a Christmas ham. “Chrissy doesn’t get any joy from making her own ham so she figures why not just order Honey Baked Ham?” he shared.

It looks like this year John and Chrissy will have a very hearty meal that includes more than just McDonald’s after he ends his A Legendary Christmas Tour in December. He previously told Heat magazine that his Holiday concert series will be very “Christmassy.

“We’re going to have decorations and fully embrace the retro vibe,” he added. “I think we set the tone with the album photo shoot and we’ll continue with that tone for the tour.” John has also revealed that he’s trying not to spoil his two kids, Luna 2, and Miles, 5 months with presents this year.

“It’s hard to know how to deal with Christmas with them,” he shared. “Everyday we get new stuff. A lot of it we just give away. I don’t think we’ll spoil them anymore for Christmas. We’ll just try to keep it at a normal level.”

Since John grew up not having a lot of material possessions, he wants to teach Luna and Miles how to value everything that they have. “We couldn’t afford to have these huge Christmas celebrations with big gifts,” John confessed about his past. “It’s weird raising kids that are having very much the opposite experience, where they’re surrounded by privilege and wealth.”

Though Chrissy and John won’t go overboard this year with gifts, Luna and Miles are sure to love anything that their parents get them, including a cute little happy meal!