She’s just like us! Chrissy Teigen is a mom, wife, model, author, and obsessed royals lover. The Lip Sync Battle host gushed to Daily Mail on Nov. 17 about how she is “especially a fan of Meghan [Markle]” and how “lovely” the Duchess was when the two modeled together on Deal or No Deal over a decade ago.

Chrissy, 32, had nothing but great things to say about the actress-turned-royal. “Now everyone asks me what she was like and I say, ‘Sorry, no dirt,'” Chrissy admitted. “She’s gorgeous.”

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Chrissy talk about sharing the stage with Meghan, 37. The model, who reunited with the former Suits actress in 2014 while competing on DirecTV’s Beach Bowl, is so infatuated with the royals that she even dished a funny story to Ellen DeGeneres in February. “I tell John [Legend] all the time: ‘That could be me. I could be Princess Harry,'” Chrissy jokingly explained.

Though Chrissy and Meghan seem to be nothing more than former castmates on the NBC show, The Cravings: Hungry for More author still stuck up for Meghan after her father slammed her in an interview with The Mail On Sunday in July.

“Meghan was apparently upset with me for saying that she and Harry will probably have a baby soon,” Thomas Markle said. “But Meghan’s been saying that herself for the past six or seven years, talking about how much she wants a family. [Prince] Harry’s been saying it too.” He didn’t stop there. “What’s sad is that sometime in the next year Meghan and Harry will have a baby and I’ll be a grandfather, and if we’re not speaking I won’t see my grandchild,” he added. “How tragic is that, to deprive a child of its grandfather because I said a few things critical of the royal family.”

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Chrissy, who speaks her mind and is unapologetically herself, was quick to clap back. The mom-of-two took to Twitter saying, “This guy… This guy sucks. What is wrong with him? Let your daughter be happy, please. This is embarrassing.”

After opening up in her interview while reminiscing on the Deal or No Deal days, Chrissy had something to say about it. “I am EXTREMELY protective of Meghan Markle despite not knowing her. I will not apologize.” Well at least we know if anyone ever tries to get in Meghan’s way, Chrissy will always have her back!