Joan Rivers appeared on TV for the final time before her death on last night’s pre-filmed episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, where host Donald Trump affectionately praised the late comedienne’s iconic role in showbiz.

“With me today is the legendary Joan Rivers, and her advice means a lot,” Donald, 68, told current show contestants of Joan, who won the reality competition in 2009.

During the episode — which was shot just one month before the star’s untimely death at age 81 on Sept. 4, 2014 — Joan advised the teams on business practices while offering entertaining commentary and jokes.

joan rivers 'apprentice'

Joan, Donald and Ivanka filming ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’

“It is so amazing to have Joan Rivers with us. She was such a great champion and remains a great champion,” Donald added while introducing her to the program’s participants.

Before the episode’s airing on Monday, Jan. 19, the business mogul expressed his excitement for the former ‘Fashion Police’ host’s appearance on the popular series.

In response to Donald’s tweet, Joan’s 47-year-old daughter, Melissa Rivers, shared her gratitude toward the businessman and his two children, Ivanka, 33, and Donald Jr., 37, who serve as boardroom judges on the program.

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