Oh no! Jimmy Carter was rushed to the hospital after he fell at his Plains, Georgia home and fractured his pelvis. Deanna Congileo, a spokeswoman for the Carter Center, confirmed the bad news about the 95-year-old in a statement that was released to the organization’s official Twitter account.

“Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter had a fall yesterday evening at his home in Plains, Georgia. He has been admitted to Phoebe Sumter Medical Center for observation and treatment of a minor pelvic fracture. He is in good spirits and is looking forward to recovering at home,” it read on Tuesday, October 22.

Jimmy Carter

The first time the politician took a nasty spill in 2019 was during the spring, and he was forced to get hip replacement surgery because of the accident. The next time he fell was in early October and he required 14 stitches the day before he traveled to Nashville to work with Habitat for Humanity.

“I fell down and hit my forehead on a sharp edge and had to go to the hospital. And they took 14 stitches in my forehead and my eye is black, as you’ve noticed,” he said at the time, according to CNN. “But I had a No. 1 priority, and that was to come to Nashville and build houses.”

Jimmy is so dedicated to helping people in need that he doesn’t let anything get in his way — even his three nasty spills that he had this year. He founded the Carter Center with his wife, Rosalynn Carter, to try to “resolve conflicts” around the world.

Jimmy Carter and his wife

According to the organization’s official website, the Carter Center has “helped to improve life for people in more than 80 countries by resolving conflicts; advancing democracy, human rights, and economic opportunity; preventing diseases; improving mental health care; and teaching farmers to increase crop production.” It also helps to “improve mental health care and diminish the stigma against people with mental illnesses.”

As the oldest living president in the U.S., we surely hope Jimmy makes a speedy recovery and is back to his regular old self. We can’t ever imagine what life would be like without Jimmy around!