Love, marriage, and his wife, Rebecca Romijn, have added a lot of levity to Jerry O’Connell’s life! “She makes me laugh a lot,” the 43-year-old tells Closer Weekly. “We just laugh all the time.”

They also bond over their shared passion for Bravo’s various Real Housewives reality series. “I would have never caught wind of them if it wasn’t for her,” notes the Royal Canin pet food spokesperson, who looks forward to their version of an ideal date night: “to sit on the couch and watch a lot of TV.”

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Unlike the Housewives, however, Jerry and Rebecca, 45, can’t keep the drama up on the rare occasions when they disagree on something. Reveals Jerry, “Even when we do get into fights, we just really want to get ready to laugh!”

In another exclusive with Closer Weekly, Jerry joked about why he and Rebecca would not get divorced right now. The couple — who married in 2007 — are parents to nine-year-old daughters, Dolly and Charlie.

“We have a crazy household with our kids and our three dogs. Our house is so crazy that we just don’t want to get divorced right now because neither one of us wants to end up with our kids and our dogs,” Jerry quipped. “We realize it’s a team effort and there’s no way we can do it on our own right now!”

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The couple is happier than ever, but Jerry isn’t sure that they see any more babies in their future. “I don’t think that’s happening. That has to be a group decision. I will say this, our kids are [nine] and I would not mind having a baby around,” he told Closer. When I see a little baby I really get that baby itch. They are so cute, but I just don’t see it happening.”

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