She’s moving on… and so is he! According to Radar OnlineBen Affleck is more than OK with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, seeing someone new. “It’s good for Ben,” a source revealed to the outlet. “Friends really think this will give him closure and freedom.”

In case you missed it: Multiple sources revealed to Us Weekly earlier this week that Jennifer is dating businessman John Miller. “They’ve been together six months — and it’s getting pretty serious,” one insider told the outlet, while another added, “Jen brings out the best in John, and he is the happiest he has probably ever been. It’s a loving, healthy relationship.”

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Don’t start shipping the pair just yet, though. As it turns out, the actress’ new beau is technically still married. Yikes! According to a previous report from Radar, the 40-year-old businessman still hasn’t cut all ties with his estranged wife, Caroline Campbell, despite the fact that they ended their six-year marriage in 2011.

After seven years of trying to finalize the divorce, Caroline has some pretty concerning things to say about John in court docs. In 2016, she said, “I believe he feels satisfaction from controlling me and making me pay the price for ending the marriage.”

Naturally, John’s past has raised some concerns for Jennifer’s loved ones. “Pals are really happy Jen is finally moving on after Ben, but they want her to be with someone who will treat her with love and respect,” a friend revealed to Radar.

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“This new guy is an intellectual and obviously a great businessman, but some of the things his ex has said raise a warning flag. [Her friends] just hope Jen hasn’t been blinded by his charm and good looks,” they continued.

After dealing with Ben’s alcoholism and cheating scandal, we sincerely hope that Jen gets the happy and healthy relationship she deserves. As for Ben’s love life? He’s still single after reportedly calling it quits with model Shauna Sexton to focus on his sobriety. Ben flying solo and Jen tied down? It’s a new era, people!