No way! When Jennifer Lopez recently stopped by Extra for a quick interview, she revealed that the 2018 remake of A Star Is Born could have almost had two different actors play the lead roles of Ally and Jack in the film. In fact, it was actually Jennifer and Will Smith who were initially “talking about” co-starring in the movie and “developing the script,” but sadly, “it just never took off.”

“Projects are like that,” Jennifer, 49, explained, but she was still “really proud of Bradley [Cooper]” for “directing his first film and doing it.” Not to mention that Lady Gaga also gave a breathtaking performance as Ally. “We’re friends and watching Gaga kind of do her thing in the movie. It was just great,” Jen added.

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A Star Is Born was released this past October and it tells the story of a notable musician, Jack, who’s mentoring a struggling artist, Ally, that he happens to fall in love with. And for Bradley’s directional debut, the film received great reviews. “This is about an epic love between two flawed individuals on different trajectories in life who find each other, and I found myself, through them, just wanting to explore the basic human emotions beneath all the glitz and fame,” A Star Is Born co-writer Will Fetters has said.

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Producer Bill Gerber added, “What always resonated with me, and with him, is that it is not simply a rags-to-riches story or a cautionary tale about the perils of fame; it’s a love story, and this is Bradley’s vision mainly born out of conversations he had with [Lady Gaga] about who they are as artists. It’s by no means autobiographical, but that’s what really paved the way for the story we’re telling.” We wonder what the film would have been like starring Jennifer and Will instead!