Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner stopped fans mid-Instagram scroll on Jan. 2 after she uploaded an unrecognizable photo of herself to the social media site. Not only are her trademark brunette locks gone, but she’s also rocking some reddish-brown facial hair. Watch the video below to see the surprising transformation!

She looks so different! And we commend her commitment to her craft that she was willing to undergo such a major change — we wish we could have seen her in the movie. But, like she explained, motherhood is far more fulfilling to her than another movie. In 2011, she would have been pregnant with her third child, Samuel, 5, at the time of filming. She is also mother to daughters Violet, 12, and Seraphina, 8. with estranged husband, Ben Affleck.

Fans were understandably taken aback by the actress’ post. One follower commented, “Wow what a great makeup job. I had to take a double take.” Another added, “I wish I knew the plot line to this movie that never happened.” In the comments, her followers also compared her to a variety of male celebs including Eddie Redmayne, the Franco brothers, and Ethan Hawke. LOL — she did look convincing!