We all have those times when we get a little bit too carried away with our emotions. It can happen at home, on the couch, watching the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor. Or it can happen in a restaurant, when the waiter says, “I’m sorry, but we’re out of that dish,” that signature dish, the dish that was the only reason you booked a table at this restaurant.

But for Alias actress Jennifer Garner, it happened in the front seat of a car, post-dental surgery, high from anesthesia and painkillers, and feeling deeply for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

Thankfully, Jen’s waterfall of emotions was captured on video and posted to her Instagram account. The 45-year-old Hollywood star captioned the clip, “Throwback Thursday — That time I had dental anesthesia… laughing gas + novocaine + Hamilton = you’re welcome.”

The video details what happened in the immediate aftermath of Jen’s dental surgery. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car, her speech slurred, Jen decided to phone a friend and recount — half-laughing, half-crying — how hearing a song from the Hamilton soundtrack while she was in the dentist’s chair, moved her beyond belief.

jennifer garner laughing

“They did the sad part of Hamilton… I started crying, I couldn’t stop. They said, are you OK? I said, it’s so beautiful… it’s so beautiful,” drug-affected Jen said while laughing and weeping at the same time. “Listen to the song. It was so beautiful, that music was so pretty. And so I told them about it, they have to see it.”

The actress is new to Instagram, having posted her first pic on Sept. 2, 2017. If this video is any indication of the type of posts we can expect from the actress, consider us avid followers!

This post was written by Bettina Tyrrell. It originally appeared on our sister site, _Now to Love.