Actress Jennifer Aniston is living her best life ahead of her 50th birthday! When Jen, 49, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, host Ellen DeGeneres, 60, told her friend that she looks amazing for her age which prompted Jennifer to reveal exactly how she stays in shape.

“You look fantastic — you should be thrilled,” Ellen told the star and Jennifer replied, “I feel fantastic!” Thanks to Jen’s boxing trainer, Leyon Azubuike, who she likes to call the “gentle giant,” Jennifer has been keeping herself super fit. She even admitted that she and Azubuike have such a close bond that she doesn’t mind him calling her “champ” at times.

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“He calls me champ, and it’s not weird!” she said. “I never thought someone would be able to call me champ and I would be okay [with it]. ‘Hey, champ! We gotta get [your heart rate] up to 80, champ!'”

To help her ring in another year, Jen’s close friend Ellen revealed that she’s planning to do something very special for the former Friends star’s birthday. “I’m doing a party for you, on this show. I am going to have an entire hour,” Ellen revealed. “You know how fun my birthday is, you’ve been here for my birthday. And you know how special and surprises and stuff. What if we have your birthday here, for the whole hour, we celebrate you? I meant it.”

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Since both Ellen and Jennifer said that they don’t get to spend enough time together, Jennifer admitted that she was overjoyed by Ellen’s idea. She even proposed a separate party for just the two of them and their close friends. “Is it greedy of me to say that we go to your house and have an afterparty?” she asked, and Ellen replied, “We’ll talk about that, we’ll figure that out.” Though the comedian then joked, it’s “probably not going to happen.” Happy (almost) birthday, Jen!