Just because Jennifer Aniston is one of the most well-known stars in Hollywood doesn’t mean she won’t have her moments every now and then. In fact, she just did. The blonde beauty was asked by Dolly Parton to step into the recording booth and sing “Push and Pull” with her Dumplin‘ co-star Danielle Macdonald, and her reaction was priceless.

“[I was so nervous] but I sang through it and then got my voice,” the 49-year-old revealed to ET on Dec. 4. “I literally couldn’t have a squeak come out, and then when we finished, I remembered, I just burst into tears.” Aww!

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Jen’s performance even drew emotions out of Dolly, who called the actress a “real pro” in the recording booth. “It was terrifying and fun and all of it… it was great,” Jen recalled. “[I was] fearless, yes, or fearful, depending on how you look at it. But I had Dolly and Linda Perry there, who were just patient and wonderful.”

The We’re the Millers actress admitted that recording the song made her reflect on her childhood days. Years and years ago, Jen said she would dance around her room and sing into hairbrushes as if she were a rock star.

“I sort of had this weird dream of a lifetime just come crashing in on me,” she confessed. “But boy… bow to all of those guys who do that. It’s quite fab. It’s fantastic.”

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Jen’s singing wasn’t the only thing that Dolly commended. For her role, Jen plays a former beauty queen whose plus-size teenage daughter, nicknamed “Dumplin,'” signs up for her mom’s pageant in protest. The actress’ role requires her to speak in a southern accent, and Dolly said she nailed it.

“I thought she did great, and I told her that. I went to see it with her… I was really impressed and I knew she worried about it,” the 72-year-old singer recalled. “She needed to hear it from somebody who knew, so I leaned in and said, ‘Your accent is great, you did a great job,’ and she said, ‘Whew!’ but I meant it.”

If you’re interested in seeing Jen in her latest role, Dumplin‘ launches on Netflix and will be playing in select theaters on Dec. 7!