While most of us may be knee-deep in the glorious cesspool that is Tinder and other dating apps, some folks are going above and beyond to find a companion they can spend the rest of their lives with until they clock out. One of those people according to a report? Jennifer Aniston.

It will soon be a year since Jennifer and Justin Theroux officially divorced, but that won’t stop Jennifer from looking elsewhere for love. While Justin has been linked to many ladies, there hasn’t been many dating rumors on Jen’s side of things. Well, that apparently is about to change. A source tells Grazia that Jennifer has reached out to LA dating coach Julie Fernman in hopes of reeling in a man who is completely okay dealing with an attractive, super wealthy, and famous woman. “A friend suggested she seek the advice of a professional to help her in the dating game,” an LA source says, adding, “after her split from Justin she vowed to remain single, but now she hoping that with Julie’s help, she ‘ll be able to move forward.”

Jennifer Aniston
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Another LA source adds, “As well as seeking professional advice, Jen is relying on her friends to set her up on dates.” As far as what Julie offers, well she was more than happy to tell the outlet exactly what a paying customer will get. “My programs range in price but my top program for VIP clients costs $10,000, where we work together closely for six months,” Julie says. “It includes coaching, guidance and personal introductions with the end goal resulting in my client meeting their perfect match. Right now, I’ve had 1,202 clients who have met the one. I’ve worked with many high-profile people who come to me because they’re so well-known and can’t put themselves out there online.”

So if you have $10,000 lying around and you’re super lonely, Julie can help you too! But even if Jennifer can’t reel herself in a lover, she is still reportedly setting up a holiday getaway with all her pals. So at least we all can take solace in that.