Jennifer Aniston is super excited to have 9 to 5 off the ground as she eyes up more director projects and big fat paydays — and gets a chance to be closer to her longtime idol Dolly Parton.

Reveals a source on Jen’s business team: “9 to 5 is a very special movie to Jen that captured her imagination when she was just a little kid and I’m pretty sure permanently turned her off to the idea of being an office worker, ever. It’s a movie that changed her life. Forty years later, with Jen finally coming into her own as a high-powered producer and a serious businesswoman, she’s finally ready to tackle this material that meant so much to her back in the day.”

“Keep in mind that more than 10 years ago, Jen made Horrible Bosses because it reminded her of 9 to 5 and stands as kind of a modern, albeit male-centric, update of that kind of story,” the source adds. “Her movie Office Christmas Party also has pretty serious echoes of 9 to 5. But what Jen is going for this time is much more similar to what Jake Gyllenhaal has done with his hit Road House remake for Amazon: she wants to update while also reminding people what they loved about the original version. Let both movies coexist, because in the streaming age, you can watch them back-to-back and make a whole night of it.”

This new project is deeply personal for Jen, who has long appreciated Dolly’s body of work.

“At the center of all this is Jen’s extreme and longtime fandom of Dolly Parton,” the insider shares. “They’ve met, they’ve wanted to work together for years, but they never found the right project. I guarantee Jen is going to make sure Dolly is involved in this new version and that her classic theme song gets another massive boost in the process.”

Jennifer Aniston 9 to 5 reboot
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Jen previously sat down with Dolly, 78, for an interview on Good Morning America in December 2018. During the interview, the Friends alum asked the country songstress which song she gets asked to sing the most. Jen was delighted by Dolly’s answer!

“If I walk in a room, people will say, ‘Well, let’s sing 9 to 5,’ ’cause everybody knows that one … But my favorite song myself is ‘Coat of Many Colors,’” she shared. “That one is the most personal to me because it — it’s saying that You don’t have to have money to be rich. And our mother taught us that. And our dad.”