Jennifer Aniston is finally ready to return to television! And no, it’s not in new episodes of Friends (we’re really sorry), it’s actually in a still untitled Apple TV show alongside Reese Witherspoon. The series, which has already been picked up for two seasons, will also star Billy Crudup, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Steve Carell who apparently has time for this but not for another season of The Office. We’re not bitter.

Jennifer, during a junket for her upcoming Netflix film, Dumplin’, talked about how excited she is to be filming her new show. “I just keep pinching myself, from this to that I just don’t know what to say,” Jennifer said. “We started shooting about a month ago and it has been just so much fun. It is hard, it is dense, but it is so fulfilling.” And working alongside Reese comes after Jennifer had the chance to hang with Dolly Parton who happened to assist in the soundtrack for Dumplin’. “I think we’re equal,” Jennifer said of her and Reese’s relationship with Dolly. “I mean [Reese]’s a little bit more southern than I am, so maybe she wins… [Dolly]’s known Reese for a long time.”

Reese and Jennifer
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Dolly also echoed that statement, adding, “I’ve known Reese since she was little and she used to dress up like me when she was a tiny little thing… And she’s a Tennessee girl. We both live in Nashville now. Her shop is right next door to my office, so when she does come to town I get a chance to see her.” Here’s hoping Jennifer isn’t third-wheeling when she finds herself with Reese and Dolly. Although that may be unlikely because Jennifer recently revealed that she started to cry when Dolly called her a “real pro” after Dolly asked her to sing a song for Dumplin’.

“[I was so nervous] but I sang through it and then got my voice,” Jennifer revealed. “I literally couldn’t have a squeak come out, and then when we finished, I remembered, I just burst into tears. It was terrifying and fun and all of it… it was great.” Jennifer added, “[I was] fearless, yes, or fearful, depending on how you look at it. But I had Dolly and Linda Perry there, who were just patient and wonderful.”

Dolly also had kind words to say about Jennifer while at the press junket. “I’m so excited that I have a new friend now in Jennifer and gotten the chance… to work on this project,” Dolly said. “She’s so easy to love… She’s so easy to like. She’s friendly and all the stuff that you’d want her to be.”

Look, we all just want Jennifer to have a happy outcome, darn it!