Even though she always steps out on the red carpet looking better than the time before, Jennifer Aniston admitted in a new interview that looking good doesn’t always come easy for her. “Me glamorous?” the Dumplin’ actress said, according to the Daily Mail, while referring to her done-up hair and makeup. “This takes a couple of hours to do.”

The 49-year-old also confessed that she relies on her stylists and glam squad to help her look put-together because, otherwise, she prefers to wear comfy and casual clothes. Jen then said that her godchildren don’t know her to be the red-carpet ready star we see often see in the spotlight. “They don’t know me as a glamorous person at all. They come over on the weekend,  we call it Sunday Fun Day and it’s sort of a fun, magical place for them to visit,” the Friends alum shared. “It’s all sweatpants, jeans, and flip-flops.”

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The actress additionally dished that she finds it funny when people praise her for being a beauty icon. “I always chuckle inside when someone says something like that because I’ve never thought of myself that way,” Jen said, according to Daily Mail. “I didn’t grow up being perceived that way and I’ve certainly had many moments in my life where I didn’t feel good enough or pretty enough or anything enough, where I felt horrible about myself.”

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However, Jen knows the importance of rising up. “You just have to go through those periods and get stronger and realize how you are perceived really has to do with how you feel about yourself more than anything else,” she shared.

Jen further added that her godchildren don’t know her as a beauty guru either. “They’re really extraordinary kids, they’re all products of my girlfriends, who are women whom I’ve been in love with for 25, sometimes 30 years, who have brought them up the right way,” the We’re The Millers star revealed. “I don’t give them advice because I don’t need to. I don’t really give them anything except candy and a lot, a lot of love.”