Viewers were introduced to a new character on the mid-season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy last week. Alex Blue Davis joined the cast as Dr. Casey Parker at Grey Sloan Memorial. The new intern isn’t just a gifted doctor (what surgeon at GSM isn’t, right?) — he’s also a tech genius. After he singlehandedly helped Dr. Miranda Bailey fight against the Internet hack on the hospital, fans are dying to know more about him. Keep scrolling to get to know Alex Blue Davis!

Is Alex Blue Davis transgender?

Since it was revealed at the end of the episode that Dr. Parker is a transgender man, fans are curious to know if Grey’s hired a transgender actor. “I’m a proud trans man, Dr. Bailey,” he stated. “I like for people to get to know me before they find out my medical history.”

Thankfully, the show saw it as an opportunity to have even more representation on the hit drama. “We worked very hard and very closely with Alex and [LGBTQ advocacy group] GLAAD on this storyline,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter. “The scene in which Casey disclosed to Bailey that he was a ‘proud trans man’ was rewritten more times than anything else — we wanted it exactly right… We wanted the audience to get to know this character before they knew his private medical information; we wanted his disclosure to not feel like an ‘A-ha!’ shock but a genuine unfolding of this character’s truth when he felt safe with someone.”

Has Alex Blue Davis been on other TV shows?

Yes, it’s possible that Alex looks familiar from his other TV roles. He starred on CBS’ hit show NCIS in 2017 and NCIS: LA in 2015. He’s also one of the main characters in the digital-only Grey’s spin-off, B-Team.

The six-episode web-series is directed by Grey’s star Sarah Drew (who plays April Kepner). It follows the new interns as they begin their medical careers at the hospital. That means we’ll get better acquainted with Samantha “Sam” Bello (played by So You Think You Can Dance alum Jeanine Mason), Jo’s one-night-stand Levi Schmitt aka “Glasses” (Jake Borelli), and their cohorts Dahlia Qadri (Sophia Taylor Ali), Casey Parker (Alex Blue Davis), Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot), and Vik Roy (Rushi Kota).

Is Alex Blue Davis a singer?

The born-and-bred LA star has many talents — he’s also an indie musician. And what’s even more fun is that he found a way to bridge both of his gifts by posting a video of himself singing a song from Grey’s on Twitter. Does this mean another musical episode could be in the works?

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