Are you excited to Say Yes to the Dress… or just overwhelmed by all the planning that goes into a wedding? The TLC show has been matching brides with their wedding gowns for 15 seasons now, and producers are always looking for brides-to-be to bring into Kleinfeld Bridal. Maybe you’ll be next!

TLC makes quite a pitch to potential _Say Yes to the Dress _subjects: “Are you a bride getting married in this or next year in search of your perfect wedding dress but don’t have the first clue how to find it? Are you stressing because your family is trying to take over the planning of your wedding? Are you having a hard time deciding who should be your maid of honor? Do you have a special circumstance or family tradition that is affecting what you will choose to wear on your wedding day? Or does the thought of sifting through hundreds of gowns searching for ‘the one’ make you dizzy with worry?”


From there, TLC directs you to fill out an application on the Kleinfeld website, one that’s practically longer than the trains on Kleinfeld’s dresses! You have to provide your personal details, your wedding plans, and a photo of yourself, of course — but that’s just the start. You also gotta share the story of your proposal, characterize yourself and your sense of style in three words, and describe the personalities of the people who would be shopping with you. Then you have to express why it’s important for you to shop at Kleinfeld and why you think you’d be fun to watch on TV.

We’d also advise you to heed the disclaimers Season 7 subject Niche Caldwell shared with Cosmopolitan: “I still get Facebook messages every time my episode comes on a rerun. The first question is usually, ‘Was your dress free?’ And, of course, the answer is, ‘No.’ Then they ask, ‘Well, did you get a discount?’ And the answer is, ‘I got a little bit and they covered my taxes [on the dress] and my airfare.’ The third most popular question is, ‘How did you get on the show?’ And I say, ‘Well, I just applied like everybody else!’”

There you have it! If that experience sounds like a good one, head over to the Kleinfeld website to start that application. We hear your wedding bells already!