Every week fans watch Kerry Washington bring the fierce (and fashionable!) Olivia Pope to life on the hit-drama, Scandal. While her character is known for being in the spotlight, the 40-year-old actress who portrays her keeps her private life away from the cameras. Keep scrolling to learn more about the star!

How much is Kery Washington worth?

Most of Kerry’s net worth comes from acting in Scandal. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress makes $200,000 per episode. In 2016, Forbes ranked her the sixth top paid TV actress with a combined income of $13.5 million. She also receives money from her lucrative endorsements with Neutrogena, Movado, and Apple Music. She is reported to be worth a total of $18 million.

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Who is Kerry Washinton’s husband?

The casual fan might not know it, but Kerry is actually married. She tied the knot to actor and NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, 2013. The couple keeps their life so under-the-radar that they are rarely ever photographed together and Kerry doesn’t like to comment on their relationship in the press. But, even though they’re private, the couple seems completely happy together — they even share a love of acting!

“I come from a performing family,” Nnamdi told The Undefeated. “My parents are Nigerian, and their parents and their parents — and it’s all about performance in their culture, you know. The music. The dancing… you’re told to stand out at family gatherings and perform in some sort of way. You’re just kind of born into it.”

Does Kerry Washington have kids?

Yes, she is a mama two times over. The couple welcomed daughter Isabelle Amarachi on April 21, 2014. They later welcomed son Caleb Kelechi on Oct. 5, 2016. They also have a dog named Josie together. Sounds like the star has made a great life for herself!