Every mother goes through this difficult dilemma! Hoda Kotb has expressed her excitement to go to PyeongChang, South Korea with NBC to cover the 2018 Winter Olympics, but she also is understandably sad to be separated from her little girl — even if it is just for a few days. “Hoda is so excited to cover the Olympics, but it’s with a very heavy heart,” an insider revealed to Us Weekly. “She decided it would be best for Haley Joy to remain in New York City because she will be so busy working.” Haley will be in good hands, however! Hoda’s mother and, of course, her longtime boyfriend Joel Schiffman will be watching the 11-month-old.

Even though the mother-daughter duo will be separated by a 14-hour flight — as well as a 14-hour time difference! — they’ll still be able to easily communicate. “Luckily, Hoda can video chat with Haley and Joel,” the source continued. “And she’ll be on the first flight back before the closing ceremony to be reunited with her little family!” Hoda will jet off to the Winter Games later this week, and she’s making sure she spends as much time as she can with Haley before she leaves. She even put the little one to work! Watch the video below to see Haley Joy adorably help her mom pack for the trip!

The 53-year-old is still super excited to experience the PyeongChang Olympics firsthand with the Today crew. “The thing about the Olympics is there’s no other place on earth where you can sit there and watch a kid you’ve never heard of before and in that instant, you get get to watch their life change,” she said during an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in January.

Although this is an exciting time in her career, Hoda knows what her priorities are. “Once you know what’s important, the rest of it works. All my life I’ve dreamed of Haley, and she came true,” she said during a pre-Olympics interview with USA Today. “I love everything I do in my life, but everything will always be secondary to her, forever. I’m loving work, but when I go in the door [at work], no one is going to kick their legs and arms in the air for me.” So sweet!