She's on the move, just like her famous mom! Haley Joy Kotb is already walking, Hoda Kotb shared during her recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The clip of her baby daughter — who will turn one on Feb. 14 — is seriously the cutest thing we've seen all day!

Hoda reflected on the moment when Haley took her first steps. "One day, seriously, she took a nap, woke up and started walking. I didn't even know when it happened or how it happened. She was like, ‘Ok, bye!'" the Today co-anchor told host Ellen DeGeneres. "And then that was it. She was just toddling around. They take a nap, they wake up and the Frankenstein walk starts!" How adorable?!

During the sit-down, Hoda also gushed about how much Haley has changed her life. “I would take my worst day, the day when everything’s falling apart since Haley, over my favorite day before. She changed everything."

Hoda loves being a mom so much that she even wants to adopt another baby! "She’s ready to fulfill her dream of adopting a baby boy," a source told Life & Style. And luckily for Hoda, her longtime boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, is on board. “He thinks they made the best decision ever by adopting Haley,” the insider said. “Having a baby in the house has made them better people and a stronger couple. That’s why they added the name Joy. Hoda jokes that she should add the middle name Joy to their son’s name, too!”

And even though work has been hectic for Hoda (she just took over Matt Lauer's gig!), she still makes sure to focus on motherhood. "Haley is the light of both their lives and Hoda would love for her to have a sibling," a friend shared. "Hoda’s a great reporter, but motherhood is definitely her calling. Hoda can’t believe how lucky she is to be a mom at this stage of her life. She’s saying being a mother is her number-one priority." You go, Hoda!

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