Famed actress and singer Gloria Estefan has been on her feet ever since her hit autobiographical Broadway musical came to her adopted hometown of Miami! On Your Feet! first hit Broadway in NYC two years ago, and in September, it kicked off its first national tour in Buffalo, NY.

“I have been crying for three weeks because it is so special to show our story to Miami audiences,” the 60-year-old — who fled to Miami during the Cuban Revolution �� told People at the premiere on Friday, Oct. 6. “Miami is my home, and it is as close to a homeland as I have. I love the city deeply, and the audiences here will get many nuances from the show that other audiences couldn’t possibly understand.”

The show tells the amazing story of Gloria and her husband, Emilio Estefan, who have won a combined 26 Grammys together (impressive). “This is our life story, and I am so excited for Miami audiences to see our musical,” Emilio, 64, added. “But it is also emotional for Gloria and me because we started in Miami trying to do small gigs. We wanted to stay true to who we are, so we would not change our names.”

He continued of the hit musical, “This show is a terrific moment for us. But our careers are not about music. Our story is about people, drive, dreams, and inspiration. It was time to showcase Gloria and my story and what we have done which will give hope to other immigrants.”

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Gloria couldn’t help but gush about how her and Emilio’s immensely successful careers mean more to them than anything. “Our work is our passion,” she said. “No long hours ever felt like work because we love it so much. To watch our lives play out on stage is so exciting and emotional!”