For 20-year-old singer Emily Estefan, performing isn’t just a passion — it’s a family business.

“I always think about [my parents’ fame] as a double-edged sword. They’re amazing, golden footsteps to follow in. So my biggest fear now is just being able to do the past justice,” Emily said of her parents, Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan, in a new interview.

emily and gloria estefan

Emily performing onstage with her mom, Gloria, in March 2015.

Emilio, 62, and Gloria, 57, welcomed their daughter in December 1994, nearly 15 years after they had their first child, son Nayib, 34, in September 1980. The couple — who married in 1978 — first rose to fame as members of the Latin-influenced band Miami Sound Machine.

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After watching her parents’ concerts from backstage throughout her childhood, Emily is now embarking on her own music career — and recently made her singing debut at last year’s Hollywood Bowl.

gloria estefan family

Emilio, Emily and Gloria in June 2003.

“All the people who have been able to perform [at The Hollywood Bowl] deserve it,” she told ‘Today‘ of the experience. “Oftentimes, I don’t believe that I deserve things… There’s no way of knowing when you are a descendant of the Conga Queen.”

Watch Emily and Gloria’s interview with ‘Today’ in the clip below!